Reflux and Infant Massage

Reflux and Infant Massage

A ‘concern’ very close my heart. Having had two children with reflux I think I have most of it covered; Infant Gaviscon (lifesaver – get it on prescription), raised head of the bed, changes of clothes, tea towels to protect clothing (forget muslins – projectile vomiting laughs in the face of such flimsy material), car mirror to monitor baby in the back rear facing car seats for those been-sick-all-over-my-face-and-in-the-deepest-recesses-of-the-car-seat moments), Infacol (use every day even when symptoms have subsided) and basically waiting for them to sit up more and start weaning which is really when it stops and you move onto something else to be worried about.

There are moves within the Massage for Happy Babies that will help with reflux, and a particular reflexology technique that can help – more information at as it is a bit difficult to explain in writing or feel free to email me for tips (and sympathy).

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