PND and Infant Massage

Post Natal Depression

PND is a medical condition far from the baby blues that many women experience, and obviously I would advise seeking medical help if you haven’t already done so. It affects 1 in 10 women following the birth of their babies and early diagnosis and treatment will result in faster recovery. A study carried out by the Imperial College of London compared mothers with PND who attended a support group to a group that attended a five week infant massage course. At the end of the test period it found that the massage group had significantly reduced feelings of depression and very significantly better interaction with their babies than the control group (  Support from family, peers and even online communities can be very beneficial alongside performing massage on your baby. Even five minutes a day during a nappy change can bring all the benefits to both of you. Getting dad or another family member involved in massage can give you a break too. I would also advise getting a regular massage or reflexology session for yourself.   As a professional therapist I have seen firsthand the power of regular, nurturing touch on the wellbeing of my clients.

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