Is Your Baby Constipated?


Is Your Baby Constipated?

Constipation in your baby is when they produce infrequent hard, dry stools. Hard stools are caused by them being in the colon for too long, in which case too much of the fecal water is extracted leaving the stool hard and difficult to pass.

The colon needs stimulation in order to bring about it’s normal activity of clearing out the waste from the system. This stimulation comes mainly from the right foods in the diet, plus a certain amount of mobility.

Obviously a small baby cannot walk around to stimulate the natural process of passing waste. This can, however, be simulated by giving your infant a daily massage which will help to relax the stomach muscles and stimulate the blood flow through his/her tiny body.

Diet plays an important part in the natural process of keeping the fecal matter moving through the body. Many babies find the introduction of solid material into their diet difficult to cope with. For this reason it’s essential to consult your doctor or health visitor as to the best way to approach this problem.

It may be that to slowly introduce certain fruits into the diet could help stop constipation in babies. Certainly a diet which contains plenty of fiber will stimulate the body into passing stools more easily.

One of the most important things you can do to help substantially with this problem is to gently massage your baby’s tummy, and indeed all over his/her body, which will bring about a more relaxed infant. Once baby is relaxed, there is more chance of the waste products in it’s tiny body passing through the colon easily. Tense and tightened intestines will cause obstruction and make it more difficult for baby to pass waste.

Gently moving baby’s legs in a cycling motion will also help to stimulate and bring about a generally happier baby. Such moments spent carrying out baby massage, will not only add to your infant’s physical and mental well being, but will also help to create a lifelong bond.

Massaging baby whilst he/she is in a warm bath will add to the pleasure and also bring about quick relief from any stress baby may be experiencing.

There are certain reflexology points in the feet which can be stimulated to reduce constipation.

Baby constipation can usually be overcome with a good well balanced diet, daily massaging and stimulation, and following advice from your doctor.

Constipation relief and constipation help are available to all new Mums, so be assured it’s not an insurmountable problem.

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