Is Baby Massage for Dads?


Can Dad’s Learn Baby Massage?


Now, we all know that Dad’s can sometimes feel left out when a new baby arrives home. Babies are demanding and seem to take up all of ‘Mum’s’ time, but Father’s can benefit a great deal by learning how to do baby massage.

Everyone talks about Mother’s bonding with their baby’s, but what about poor old Dad? Children who grow up being able to communicate with both their Mother and Father, are well rounded, confident human beings. Therefore, it’s important that Dad’s learn to bond with the baby from the beginning.

Dad learning baby massage is just as important, and a DVD that can be played at home whilst learning the techniques is invaluable. Baby will learn early on to differentiate between Mum’s voice and touch and Dad’s funny faces and gentle exercises. This will create a lasting bond between baby and both parents.

When Dad comes home from work feeling frustrated and stressed a massage session with baby can help him to unwind and enjoy watching his infant get to know and trust him. I’m sure most Dad’s would agree…it  beats changing nappies!

These moments with baby can prove to be especially helpful when Mum is unwell, or has to be away from home. Father will have built up a strong bond, which means that either parent can take control of caring for baby without causing distress.

By going to http:/ you can download innovative digital delivery routines which will give you all the information you need to know about a baby massage routine. Within a short space of time your whole family, yes even Dad, will reap the benefits of this special time you and your baby spend together.

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