Infant Massage and Dads

For Dads Dads can be anywhere on the scale from totally hands-on to totally hands-off and most are somewhere in between. Getting involved in a massage routine with their baby can bring benefits such as increased bonding, improved confidence and generally being in tune together. It creates some special time for them (and let’s face […]

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Bonding and Infant Massage

Bonding Bonding is a mythical beast – to some it comes naturally, to others it grows over time and anyway it is impossible to define. Like love in the movies, parent and child bonding is often romanticised and dramatised and an image of perfection is projected out from magazines and television. Personally I found my […]

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Is Baby Massage for Dads?

  Can Dad’s Learn Baby Massage?   Now, we all know that Dad’s can sometimes feel left out when a new baby arrives home. Babies are demanding and seem to take up all of ‘Mum’s’ time, but Father’s can benefit a great deal by learning how to do baby massage. Everyone talks about Mother’s bonding […]

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